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Smart valve

Intelligent control valve
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1. LoRa / NB-IoT can realize remote wireless wake-up and respond to the processing instructions of the upper computer in real time.
2. The remote control valve has a remote control valve function, which can open or close the valve or realize the automatic remote on-off valve function by combining prepayment and postpayment.
3. In-position detection has a switch-in-position detection function. When the normally open contact is closed in place, the valve switch is in place and the valve operation can be stopped immediately.
4. Valve failure detection automatically determines whether the valve limit switch is working normally. At the same time, even if the limit switch fails, the valve can still be opened and closed normally. The valve status is abnormal and an alarm will be displayed in the background.
5, automatic valve washing function, the valve will automatically open and close the valve once every 2 weeks to prevent the valve from locking.
It has the characteristics of anti-locking and non-scaling, and can achieve the effects of small pressure loss, small wear, small power consumption, and anti-blocking.
· With timer switching valve function
Effectively prevent the phenomenon of rust due to the valve has not been opened for a long time.
· Fully sealed design
All lines are potted with epoxy resin without any exposed electrodes.
· Anti-electrical and magnetic attack technology
When a strong electric or magnetic attack is performed from the outside, the valve will close automatically.
· Using RF technology
Data is wirelessly transmitted on the outer wall of the HVAC valve, which completely solves the problems of waterproof, moisture-proof and attack-proof.
· Using advanced 16-bit low power microprocessor
The power consumption is extremely low, which guarantees the use of the included battery for more than six years.